A new digital identity for Cuba Travel Network. Bringing Cuban experiences to global tourism.


Cuba Travel Network - CTN






Visual design, Interaction design, User experience

Raft guided Cuba Travel Network to express their new strategic direction focusing on local experiences through a fresh digital identity, inviting users to start their engagement with Cuba from their first visit.


Tourism is one of the main sources of revenue for Cuba. Due to regulatory changes in travel policy, there is increasing competition from companies like Airbnb and Booking.com. Cuba Travel Network needs to differentiate and stand out. They understand that people, not hotels, are at the center of amazing travel experiences. CTN has a long-standing reputation for offering travellers a truly unique experience thanks to its local network within the community. This unique advantage becomes the cornerstone for the updated business strategy and thus updated digital presence.


CTN employs a dispersed team to operate a site that is localised for over 80 countries. To support the need for flexibility and speed, we use a design workflow known as atomic design. The atomic design approach provides an adaptable and scalable design system. It offers the ability to tailor the look for each country’s need, while at the same time it ensures a consistent look and feel.


Cuba in a digital format - A fresh, responsive look and feel that represents CTN’s values and embodies the Cuban life. The designed visual language emphasises personal stories over mundane items such as flights or hotels. People are at the centre of the business. The imagery, type and stylistic elements are reminiscent of Cuban culture and emotions.

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