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2015 - Present




User Experience, Content strategy, Design Language System

Iamsterdam hosts the most comprehensive index of marketing content for the city of Amsterdam. The content is curated for the needs of tourists, locals and businesses in Amsterdam. It has become a well known resource and icon for the city itself. Raft has partnered with Iamsterdam for 2 years to craft new experiences around the design, content, layout, and responsive aspects of iamsterdam.com.

Goochem, the cultural agenda chatbot

Goochem is a chatbot on Facebook Messenger that allows users to explore the broad selection of events in Amsterdam. Goochem will learn from your previous searches and will (upon request) provide personal recommendations.

Raft was involved in creating the core idea, flows, tone of voice and a design partner during implementation of the bot.

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“Amsterdam is a city whose locals have been greeting travellers for centuries”

— I amsterdam

Responsive beyond the visual

The website was designed responsively to reach a broad audience on any screen size.

These responsive designs use native capabilities to tailor the experience to the users context. For example, on mobile we offer “nearby” attractions.

Future iterations are easy to approach with the component library we’ve built for the new visual language.

Cultural agenda

Neighborhoods campaign site

Forward momentum

The site’s content is structured in a way that it keeps users engaged and browsing forward within the site. The user flow should move towards booking a tour, contacting Iamsterdam for a service or purchasing an Iamsterdam card.

This issue is addressed by de-emphasising navigation components and by providing actionable links throughout each article and tagged content to allow users to explore by topic.

Showcase local content

With the rise of Google trips, tripadvisor and many travel startups, Iamsterdam stands apart in the quality of content they offer. The redesigned site goes beyond tourist information and offers informative pages on attractions, agendas, living, legislation and business information.

Interactive map experience

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