A connected health ecosystem for Philips to prevent cardiovascular diseases




2015 - 2017




Concept development, User experience design, Design support

With its heritage in medical and consumer devices, Philips is on a journey to combine the best parts of both and enter the consumer health market.

With its Personal Health Solutions, Philips is building an eco-system of connected devices that helps users better understand their health. Different coaching programs, developed with medical advisors, will help users to achieve and maintain their health goals.

For these devices and programs, Raft deeply integrated with the Philips design team. The partnership investigated new concepts, building early prototypes, detailed feature design, and development team support.

Philips health suite

Raft teamed up with Philips design team and help them to improve the current state of the application.

Through a range of devices, including an activity tracker, blood pressure monitors, and scales, users can measure their personal behaviors and vital signs.

The application is designed to serve as the main health hub for users and their data. Users receive a holistic overview of their health information to manage their well being. The application also provides additional information to put the user’s data in context. Additional educational and coaching content guides users through tangible behavioral tips on their way towards their goals.

We worked together with the marketing and product management team to conceptualise, iterate, and flesh out new features and functionality. Together with the design team, we then helped to document those features and ensured the application was brought to market with the quality desired by Philips.

“We don’t design software, we design experiences that can change peoples lives every single day.”

— Lead designer

Heart Health Program

Raft worked together with the Philips design team to help them envision and craft this new behavioral change experience.

With the Heart Health Program, Philips is offering a new set of devices and services through a simple application that leverages the health suite eco-system. The new program also extends the overall offering and platform with coaching services.

The Heart Health Program is designed to help people with a risk of cardio vascular disease. It creates a 24 week program and step-by-step approach, tailored to change users behavior and minimize risks. Those steps will add up and create maintainable long-term behavior change. The program itself is automated, with each step guided and checked by a human counterpart coach in the background to ensure the best results possible.

Raft helped understanding the main use cases and explored different approach’s to bring this new experience to life. Together with the program management team Raft helped to clarify features and supported the developers understand the overall experience and the importance of each individual feature.

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